Early Falcon discussion forum
Rusty Relics: If you have a picture of a wreck somewhere, please send it in, even if it
was a previous picture of a car you have restored or scrapped
Relic 2: XM Futura Hardtop
Relic 3: XL Falcon Ute
The XK-XP Specialists
Relic 1: XM Futura Hardtop
Relic 4: XP Deluxe Ute
Relic 5: XL Panel Van
Relic 6: XL Falcon Ute
Relic 7: ex Police XP
Relic 8: XP Wagon
Relic 9: XM Wagon
Relic 10: XP Futura Sedan
Relic 11: XL Sedan
Relic 12: XL Falcon Squire
Relic 13: XP Sedan
Relic 14: XP Ute
Relic 15: XP Fairmont
Relic 16: XP Squire Wagon
Relic 17: XM Ute
Relic 18: XL Deluxe Wagon
Relic 19: XL Deluxe Sedan
Relic 20: XK Wagon
Relic 21: XK Ute
Relic 22: XK Deluxe Sedan
Relic 23: XL Ute
Relic 24: XP Ute
Relic 25: XM Ute
Relic 26: XP Wagon
Relic 27: XM Wagon
Relic 28: XP Sedan
Relic 29: XP Deluxe Ute
Relic 30: XL Futura Sedan