Feature Cars
Emil Hafner's XP Coupe
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Grant's XP Coupe
Troy Brodie's XP Coupe
Steve Mellish's XP Coupe
Dave Little's XK Ute
Julian Gill's XL Sedan
Garth Hannaford's XM wagon
Gowan Tremayne's XP Sedan
Jenny Williams XM coupe
Howard Astill's '63 Compact Fairlane
Mark Rottenbury's XM Convertible
Troy Hillier's XP Coupe
Maurice Conrad's XK Ute
Troy Thornbury's XP Sedan
Ben Rusmus XP Wagon
Sam Apap's XP Delivery
Mat Egan's XP ute
Anthony Jensen's XP ute
Kym Langton's XL Sedan
Roger Heinrich's XL Sedan
Roger Heinrich's XL Sedan
John Jagger's injected XL
John Jagger's XL Futura
Andrew's XM Sedan
Andrew's XM Sedan