Emil Hafner - Xp Falcon Coupe
Owner: Emil Hafner
Sydney, NSW
Engine: 5.0L 302 Windsor
Trans: 3 speed C4 Auto
Diff: Ford 9"
The Car has been heavily upgraded mechanically in
every department with a list really too long to mention. I
was fortunate to find a car that had recieved some major
modifications such as windsor 302, C4 auto, all new
suspension, drivetrain, 9" diff, heavy duty cooling
system, all new interior and new electrical setup with a
new 13 plate battery, and so on.
 This pre-loved XP had obviously had many little (and
not so little) things done to it in the past, which is great. I
have had the car for 3 years now and have also done
quite a bit of work on it myself. My current list of things
to do are, replace various gaskets, Tappet adjustment
and new chrome rocker covers (why the hell not !!!),
upgrade and chrome air intake. Fix up a bit of sagging
door problem, detail the engine bay, change to a twin
exhaust system. Change back to the original wheels
(chrome hub) with a very thin white wall. Also upgrade
the sound system with more speakers and amps. I have
already done the suspension and cooling system which
leaves nothing major left to do.
 "It is like having a full size, useful toy model that you
can work on improving indefinately. It's great fun
pottering around with a handful of tools and a beer."
 In a few years I hope to tear it all apart  and rebuild it
'Perfectly'. No-one builds anything like these anymore
which is a tragic shame, getting there was really half the
Good motoring and if you don't have a hobby, buy an
old falcon and get to work !.
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